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CE6002 CONCRETE TECHNOLOGY syllabus-subject-notes-pevious-year-questions-papers-bank

CE6002 CONCRETE TECHNOLOGY syllabus-subject-notes-pevious-year-questions-papers-bank

 To impart knowledge to the students on the properties of materials for concrete by suitable tests, mix design for concrete and special concretes.

UNIT I CONSTITUENT MATERIALS 9 Cement-Different types-Chemical composition and Properties -Tests on cement-IS Specifications- Aggregates-Classification-Mechanical properties and tests as per BIS Grading requirements-Water- Quality of water for use in concrete.

UNIT II CHEMICAL AND MINERAL ADMIXTURES 9 Accelerators-Retarders- Plasticisers- Super plasticizers- Water proofers - Mineral Admixtures like Fly Ash, Silica Fume, Ground Granulated Blast Furnace Slag and Metakaoline -Their effects on concrete properties

UNIT III PROPORTIONING OF CONCRETE MIX 9 Principles of Mix Proportioning-Properties of concrete related to Mix Design-Physical properties of materials required for Mix Design - Design Mix and Nominal Mix-BIS Method of Mix Design - Mix Design Examples

UNIT IV FRESH AND HARDENED PROPERTIES OF CONCRETE 9 Workability-Tests for workability of concrete-Slump Test and Compacting factor Test-Segregation and Bleeding-Determination of Compressive and Flexural strength as per BIS - Properties of Hardened concrete-Determination of Compressive and Flexural strength-Stress-strain curve for concrete-Determination of Young‟s Modulus.

UNIT V SPECIAL CONCRETES 9 Light weight concretes - High strength concrete - Fibre reinforced concrete – Ferrocement - Ready mix concrete - SIFCON-Shotcrete – Polymer concrete - High performance concrete- Geopolymer Concrete

 The student will possess the knowledge on properties of materials required for concrete tests on those materials and design procedures for making conventional and special concretes.

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