Lab Manual

CAD/CAM Lab Manual       Dynamics Lab Manual       Fluid Mechanics and Machinery Lab Manual

Electrical Engineering Lab Manual        Mechatronics Lab Manual
Manufacturing Technology 1 Lab Manual    Computer Aided Simulation And Analysis Lab Manual

CAD/CAM Lab Manual 2     Communication Skills Lab Manual    Strength Of Materials Lab Manual

Manufacturing Technology - 2 Lab Manual       Thermal Engineering - 2 Lab Manual

Chendu College Notes

Semester 4
Statistics And Numerical Methods     Heat Mass Transfer      Manufacturing Technology

Engineering metrology & Measurements       Strength Of Materials

Semester 6

Principle of  Management       Gas Dynamics and Jet Propulsion    Design Of Transmission Systems

Automobile Engineering      Finite Element Analysis      Unconverntional Machine Process

Semester 8

Engineering Economics and Cost Analysis       Professional Ethics      Advanced IC Engine
Einstein College Notes

Design Of Machine Elements     Dynamics Of Machinery      Electrical Drives And Control

Engineering Economics And Cost Analysis      Engineering Metrology and Measurements

Finite Element Analysis       Kinematics Of Machinery     Mechatronics Notes

Strength Of Materials / Mechanics Of Solids      Thermal Engineering

AR Engineering College

Mechatronics   Computer Integrated Manufacturing       Process Planning And Cost Estimation

Power Plant Engineering        Total Quality Management

King Engineering College

Semester 4

Electronics And Microprocessors      Engineering Materials & Metallurgy

Heat and Mass Transfer      Manufacturing Technology 2    Strength Of Materials

Statics and Numerical Methods

Semester 6

Automobile Engineering      Design Of Transmission System     Principles Of Management

Power Plant Engineering     Thermal Engineering

Semester 8

Production Planning And Control       Maintenance Engineering     Unconventional Machine Process

MAM Engineering College

Semester 3

Manufacturing Technology - 1     Kinematics Of Machinery

Electron Devices And Control Unit 2         Electron Devices and Control Unit 3

Semester 5

Design Of Machine Question bank        Design Of Machine 2marks

Engineering Materials And Metallurgy

2marks        Notes       Question Bank

Thermal Engineering

Unit 1              Unit 2              Unit 3              Unit 4              Unit 5

Design Of Machines

Notes        Question Bank

Applied Hydraulics And Pneumatics

Unit 1        Unit 2        Unit 3        Unit 4        Unit 5

Semester 7

Process Planning And Cost Estimation       Robotics


Unit 1           Unit 2          Unit 3

Mailam College Notes

Semester 3

Fluid Mechanics And Machinery

Unit 1         Unit 2          Unit 4

Semester 4

Heat And Mass Transfer

Unit 1          Unit 3

Manufacturing Technology 2

Unit 1            Unit 2            Unit 3            Unit 4

Statics And Numerical Methods

Unit 1         Unit 2          Unit 5

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