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CE6501 STRUCTURAL ANALYSIS I Syllabus Subject Notes and previous Year Questions Papers Bank

CE6501 STRUCTURAL ANALYSIS I Syllabus Subject Notes and previous Year Questions Papers Bank

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 To introduce the students to basic theory and concepts of structural analysis and the classical methods for the analysis of buildings.

UNIT I INDETERMINATE FRAMES 9 Degree of static and kinematic indeterminacies for plane frames - analysis of indeterminate pin-jointed frames - rigid frames (Degree of statical indeterminacy up to two) - Energy and consistent deformation methods.

UNIT II MOVING LOADS AND INFLUENCE LINES 9 Influence lines for reactions in statically determinate structures – influence lines for member forces in pin-jointed frames – Influence lines for shear force and bending moment in beam sections – Calculation of critical stress resultants due to concentrated and distributed moving loads. Muller Breslau‟s principle – Influence lines for continuous beams and single storey rigid frames – Indirect model analysis for influence lines of indeterminate structures – Beggs deformeter

UNIT III ARCHES 9 Arches as structural forms – Examples of arch structures – Types of arches – Analysis of three hinged, two hinged and fixed arches, parabolic and circular arches – Settlement and temperature effects.

UNIT IV SLOPE DEFLECTION METHOD 9 Continuous beams and rigid frames (with and without sway) – Symmetry and antisymmetry – Simplification for hinged end – Support displacements

UNIT V MOMENT DISTRIBUTION METHOD 9 Distribution and carryover of moments – Stiffness and carry over factors – Analysis of continuous beams – Plane rigid frames with and without sway – Neylor‟s simplification.

OUTCOMES: Students will be able to
 analysis trusses, frames and arches
 analyse structures for moving loads and
 will be conversant with classical methods of analysis.

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