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MA6151 Engineering Mathematics 1 | Anna University Syllabus Subject Notes and Question Papers

MA6151 Engineering Mathematics 1 |  Anna University Syllabus Subject Notes and Question Papers

King College Of Engineering Notes and Question Papers

Engineering Mathematics 1

Mailam College Notes

Engineering Mathematics 1

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Unit 3 important questions   Unit 4 2marks     Unit 4 16marks    Unit 4 important questions    Unit 5 2marks     Unit 5 16 marks

Unit 5 important questions

MA6151 Engineering Mathematics Syllabus

 To develop the use of matrix algebra techniques this is needed by engineers for practical applications.
 To make the student knowledgeable in the area of infinite series and their convergence so that he/ she will be familiar with limitations of using infinite series approximations for solutions arising in mathematical modeling.
 To familiarize the student with functions of several variables. This is needed in many branches of engineering.
 To introduce the concepts of improper integrals, Gamma, Beta and Error functions which are needed in engineering applications.
 To acquaint the student with mathematical tools needed in evaluating multiple integrals and their usage.

UNIT I MATRICES 9+3 Eigenvalues and Eigenvectors of a real matrix – Characteristic equation – Properties of eigenvalues and eigenvectors – Statement and applications of Cayley-Hamilton Theorem – Diagonalization of matrices – Reduction of a quadratic form to canonical form by orthogonal transformation – Nature of quadratic forms.

UNIT II SEQUENCES AND SERIES 9+3 Sequences: Definition and examples – Series: Types and Convergence – Series of positive terms – Tests of convergence: Comparison test, Integral test and D‟Alembert‟s ratio test – Alternating series – Leibnitz‟s test – Series of positive and negative terms – Absolute and conditional convergence. 

UNIT III APPLICATIONS OF DIFFERENTIAL CALCULUS 9+3 Curvature in Cartesian co-ordinates – Centre and radius of curvature – Circle of curvature – Evolutes – Envelopes - Evolute as envelope of normals. UNIT IV DIFFERENTIAL CALCULUS OF SEVERAL VARIABLES 9+3 Limits and Continuity – Partial derivatives – Total derivative – Differentiation of implicit functions – Jacobian and properties – Taylor‟s series for functions of two variables – Maxima and minima of functions of two variables – Lagrange‟s method of undetermined multipliers. 

UNIT V MULTIPLE INTEGRALS 9+3 Double integrals in cartesian and polar coordinates – Change of order of integration – Area enclosed by plane curves – Change of variables in double integrals – Area of a curved surface - Triple integrals – Volume of Solids.

TOTAL (L:45+T:15): 60 PERIODS

 This course equips students to have basic knowledge and understanding in one fields of materials, integral and differential calculus.
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